July 25, 2017
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Cornucopia Cruise Line

There are 4 ships to choose from, The Princess, The Destiny, The Majestay and The St. Charles. The Cornucopia Princess features 3 beautiful indoor decks with balconies, as well as an outdoor deck and accommodates upto 400 guests. The St Charles, Dockside Restaurant and Banquet Hall, accommodates up to 2,000 guests. The Destiny features 2 beautiful indoor decks and 2 large outdoor decks and accommodates upto 350 guests.

The Majesty is the largest luxury party ship in the North East and has 5 dining rooms, 3 decks, an atrium with glass elevator plus an outdoor area and accommodates up to 1,200 guests.

Celebrate your Prom, After Prom, Graduation or other school activities. Experience elegant Four Star Dining with your choice of cuisine all prepared in their full onboard kitchen. Enjoy Hors D’oeuvres served Butler style. Boarding is available in New Jersey and the 5 boroughs.

Where: 12th St Pier
Tel: (800) 924–8477, (732) 697–9500 | hkilic@aol.com
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